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Increased Conversions

Founders with a Solid Understanding of their Tech Gain Leverage Over Competitors.

Higher MVP Turn-Around

In the Tech Industry, investors are statistically more likely to fund Strong Ideas when they include a workable business model and a Minimal Viable Product (a user-friendly functioning application)

Increased Financial Stability

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The tech industry is the second highest creator of billionaires outside of the ļ¬nance industry in the world.

Meet The Team

Bridget Jones
Founder/Chief Operating Officer

Visionary Full-stack Developer Product Manager Manages Full Organization. Head of HR & Innovation 4 Yrs Industry Experience

Shannon Duffins
Chief Technical Officer

Project Manager Functional Analyst Business Analyst Head of DevOps & B2C Products 10+ Yrs Industry Experience

Melanie Young
Chief Implementation Officer

Certified Scrum Master Certified Product Owner QA Engineer Manages Implementation of SAAS & B2B Products 4 Yrs Industry Experience

Abiola Warbara
Chief Revenue & Growth Officer

Certified Scrum Master Conducts Financial Modeling & Start-Up Valuation Project Portfolio Manager Manages Start-Up Efficiency & Technical Debt 4 Yrs Industry Experience

Candice Jurick
Head of SAAS Sales

Lead Sales & Customer Happiness Manager Certified Scrum Master 10+ Yrs Industry Experience

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