Loyalty Affiliate Program

The Loyalty Affiliate Program is a rewards program that operates off of a Point System.

Every Chisel customer that selects a mobile app development package automatically receive one point for each full month they remain a partner with Chisel. The points accrue and will become available on the 1st of the following month. Every one point is equivalent to the dollar value of $250.

We also pay for referrals! For every referral of mobile app development package that successfully becomes a paid customer, the referring party is awarded two points equal to $500 or the equivalent of $250 per point.

Both paid mobile app development customers and affiliates can cash in their points or they can allow the points to accrue and be applied to the cost of any pay-as-you-grow add-on service available at Chisel.

Easy Steps




How It Works

So, if i am the current customer and i purchase a 1000usd plan and it runs for 3 months, so I will receive 1 point each month (total 3 points).

And after this if i refers someone to the website and if he purchase any plan then I will get 2 point and the referring party will receive 1 point after one month.

Referring party also start receiving the each month points. (1 point each month)

Each point is 250 usd.

If someone wants to redeem the points then there are two ways :
1. Exchange the points in exchange for cash (payout to bank account)
2. Redeem it on their next purchase on the platform